Ibiza Bikinis - Ocean Friendly Brand


Posted on January 26 2019

Ibiza Bikinis - Ocean Friendly Brand

Ibiza Bikinis has been always showing environmental awareness and search for eco  solutions. All of our garments are hand made and we pursuit an ethical approach since the very beggining. Our Brand was born in Ibiza, so of course we are true ocean lovers! We are Ocean Friendly.

Do you know seagrass meadows help sustain abundant sea life and protect shorelines from coastal erosion? These plants are vital for the survival of much marine species and even providing resources for communities. It's fundamental to keep their habitat balanced, so they can live. Would you like to be an ocean guardian? Come join us!

We are about to launch a new and special eco-friendly swimsuite collection. ECONYL is one of our choices and it's a bonded thecno-fabric with an exclusive neoprene-like look, it is regenerated Nylon. The results: a contoured silhouette,  luxury and maximum comfort.

Some of our pieces will be created of fishing nets and Tulle. Will be made of 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane. 

It's a fantastic eco-friendly innovation, that we are sure you will love!


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